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OmniWing Paper Airplanes are beautiful in flightWelcome to the OmniWing Paper Airplanes Page!

The OmniWing is high performance paper airplane (glider).  It can be made from a single sheet of standard typing paper, and a little transparent tape.  With practice, folding of the OmniWing can be made in just a few minutes and and unlike other paper airplanes, will fly right from the design table, with very little tuning required.  It is a distance champion, having won two consecutive paper airplane contests in the early 1970's.  Up until now, I have been very careful in guarding the design and construction details of the OmniWing. Only a couple of trusted friends have ever had access to the design.  But the secrecy is over.  I do not want to go to my grave without passing on this exquisite design.


Proto-OmniWing, papaer airplane  folding fun for everyone.I know that many have waited a long for me to put presentable plans together, and I apologize for the long delay, but things in life simply kept getting in the way. 

I now have all of my instructions on how to construct the variations of the OmniWing on Video.  Visit the "Construction" page to view the various videos for building the Proto -OmniWing, the OmniWing, the OmniWing Modifications, and the Advanced OmniWing.  I also have a few videos showing the launching and flights of the OmniWings. 

If you have any questions about the OmniWing project, feel free to contact me at

50 years ago, as a child, my parents provided me with toys that encouraged creativity.  Legos, Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets and more.  That early access to toys that encouraged creativity indeed created a curiosity about the world around me. 


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