The OmniWing Paper Airplane

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From Benjamin Hain

An amazing plane!

A long time paper airplane builder and flier, I subscribed to the school believing that the planes should not include cuts nor tape. No more! I also disliked flying wings, preferring those planes with "fuselages". Again; no more! The twisting of the airfoil and securing with tape is an extremely innovative addition to this plane, even if it is 30 years after its conception.

Well done, sir, and thank you. I, as many, cannot wait for the advanced plane.

Benjamin Hain

From Manuel Fichter

I just built the Proto-OmniWing and it is simply amazing! It is by far the best paper airplane I have ever made, and I think it's glide performance comes very close to my 2 meter radio controlled sailplane.

By the way, will you ever post instructions for the advanced version?

Thank you,


From Julian Jickelie

The Proto OmniWing is an amazing airplane! I can't even think about how long it had to take you to construct the first version of it. I would also be very interested in the other OmniWings on your web site which do not have instructions for them. In college, it is a "sport" to sail paper airplanes all the way to the professor - the OmniWing of course made it with applause from the crowd!

Simply Awesome


From Steven Fosella

I love your airplane, the ProtoOmniWing!  It is the best paper airplane that I ever flown. With just a gentle toss, it goes very far and always makes a perfect landing. I was hoping that I could sign up for your newsletter. I can't wait for the instructions to make the Omniwing.

Thank you.


Steven Fosella

From Troy R. Reabe of Cirrus Design

Hello I was just looking at different paper airplanes and came across yours. I have built and flown one and was impressed enough to write back and comment on your design. I will say that this is a very stable and good distance glider.


Troy R Reabe
Cirrus Design Corporation
Visit us at

From Josh Lewis of Ham Lake, MN

The protoomniwing is the best paper glider I have ever built, it has outdone every paper plane that I've ever seen. Paper airplanes are becoming more and more my hobby and this one is over the top!


From Thomas of Tempe, Arizona

Man, what an awesome paper glider! Just came across and made it for the first time a few minutes ago. I flew it off our 7th story balcony and it must've been in flight for close to 20 seconds catching the breeze and changing directions making several wide arcs. A bird even buzzed it, though veered off just before the plane finally hit another building at around the second story, it probably could have flown for another 10 seconds. Just awesome!


From Jay of Montgomery, Alabama

My youngest daughter & I are paper airplane nuts, and we only recently discovered the OmniWing on the web. The Proto-OmniWing is fabulous! We have in about a week built an embarrassingly large number of them. I have never seen a paper plane that is so consistent in outstanding performance from build to build. Incredibly well-engineered!  We would like to be included in the OmniWing newsletter and of course want to know about the OmniWing when it becomes available.


From Alvarito of La Coruņa in Galician in Espaņa

An incredible OmniWing, INCREDIBLE!!!
I launch my airplane and it flys high and high, towards the heaven.
INCREDIBLE!! I never could imagine that an airplane could fly so.


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