The OmniWing Paper Airplane

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History of the OmniWing Paper Gliders

The Prot-OmniWing

This the the Proto-OmniWing.  With its highly swept back wings and added dihedral, it is a very stable flyer.  It does not have the speed nor the distance of the OmniWing, but will probably out-glide most other designs. 

OmniWing in Flight

Like a B2 Bomber the OmniWing presents a a striking profile...  As you can see the OmniWing is a "flying wing", that is... there is no fuselage, rudder, nor elevator. 

Yikes!  There is no pilot!  

OmniWing folded

The graceful curves of the OmniWing are not just for good looks...  It is all part of the effort to make a stable flying high performance aircraft. 

Attention to the details that make for a stable and high performance wing is foremost with structural strength being designed into the wing.

All this with just one sheet of paper!

OmniWing in indoor flight

Whether it is simply flying across the kitchen or across the auditorium floor of the contest you have entered, the OmniWing will guarantee to turn some heads with its graceful lines and stable flight.

The OmniWing is also a great outdoor performer due to it's speed and strength.

OmniWing in flight

Hey!  You could put an eye out with that thing!

Now to go and get some outdoor shots.

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