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Valuable Links

Real Paper Flight

James Zongker presents a vast array of paper airplanes, using non-traditional methods for building.  I am a huge fan!


A database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions.

Paper Airplane Competition

Provides guidelines for Paper Airplane Contests.

The Paperang

The Paperang is an excellent flying wing, and derived it's design from similar roots, the modern day hang glider.

Ken Blackburn's Paper Airplanes

Ken held the Guinness record for time aloft for paper airplanes from 1983 to 1996.

Pats' Planes

One of the major reasons to build and fly paper airplanes should be to learn as much as we can about how airplanes work. It is also important to learn methods that allow us to do more ourselves.

Alex's Paper Airpanes

Alex shows a large variety of paper airplanes along with instructions.  Lots' of variety and some very unique projects.

Fun Paper Airplanes

A resource of Free Paper Airplanes.

Community Learning Network - Paper Airplanes

Designed to help K-12 teachers integrate technology into the classroom. Provides a great resource for teachers.

University of Newcastle - Paper Airplanes

Provides links to paper airplane building websites.

The Great Paper Airplane Challenge

An indepth resource of information about the history, theory, and techniques of building paper airplanes.

Joseph Palmer's
Paper Airplanes

Mr. Palmer is a purist.  No weights, no tape, no cutting, no glue or tape.  Excellent diagrams of his cool looking wings.  

KinderStart Paper Airplanes

KinderStart is the largest (and most popular) indexed directory and search engine focused on children zero to seven on the net.

Paper Model Airplanes

Are you a lover of paper model airplanes? Would you like to know how to make paper airplane models? We have a number of paper model airplanes that you can download for free.
Paper Airplanes

A vast collection of Paper Airplane Links.

Teach-nology Paper Airplanes

Another vast collection of Paper Airplane Links.

jline Paper Airplanes

Several Paper Airplanes to choose from.  These look pretty cool!

Best Paper Airplanes

features unique folded paper airplanes that you'll find nowhere else - because they are original, copyrighted designs.

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