The OmniWing Paper Airplane

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History of the Conception, Design and Modification of the OmniWing Paper Airplane.

Hang Gliding in Souther CaliforniaI have been folding and flying paper airplanes, (I like to call them "Paper Gliders"), Since 1973.  My initial interest in folding and flying paper gliders came about in 1972 when I started flying hang gliders in Southern California.  On the low wind days, some of the hang glider pilots would start folding paper gliders and launch them off the hills and cliffs.  It was great to see our little creations soar and fly about in the light updrafts while we waited for better conditions for our hang gliders. 

Of course, as it will be with boys and their toys, the paper folding and flying became very competitive , and we would challenge each other to contests of duration and distance.  Over the years I have refined the basic design, concentrating on providing a platform that allows for easy modifications to modify performance and flight characteristics. 

I entered a couple of paper airplane contests in Los Angeles in the early 70's which I believe were sponsored by one of the local hang gliding clubs in L.A. at that time.  Two years in a row my designs dominated the distance competition in single sheet category, and open category.  Since then I have continued to fold for enjoyment.  It is  cheap entertainment, and provides endless challenges.

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